ixPaste (Mac OSX)


ixPaste 1.2

How much is your time worth?

With ixPaste you will be able to copy this:

and this:  

and this: 

and also this:  


 And then when you go to whatever app you want to paste these individual parts in.

You can individually select them and paste them from the ixPaste History Menu.


It is as simple as:

  • Holding Alt-V

  • Pressing the UP/DOWN cursor keys to navigate

  • Let go of both Alt and V

  • Your selected content is pasted!

With ixPaste, you can STOP:

  • Making trips in between programs in order to cut/paste individual segments of information.

  • Losing the information you copy the second you copy something else

  • Losing time performing repetitive tasks to data that you copy and paste.

  • Undo-ing in order to retrieve an old string you copied.

  • Wasting all of your time

What if you want to permanently copy something?

 <-Important information you need handy? Not a problem

You can do that by saving it to the bookmarks. It is easy, all you have to do is access the pasteboard history, select your item, and then press "B" while still holding Alt-V. You will see a plus sign flash beside the selected item to confirm that it has been added. Once you have done that you can then access the bookmarks menu(It is exactly like the pasteboard history menu) by pressing: ALT-B   Select up/down and paste by releasing Alt-B.    

Did you notice I mentioned

"Losing time performing repetitive tasks"

  I mentioned that because ixPaste is not only a quick pasteboard/clipboard history app. It also allows you to use/customize actions that you can apply to your snippet right before it is pasted! There are a few built in actions(more available on request) and there are custom macros that you can make yourself.

Here are a few examples(Built-In):

These are easily accessible by using the Left cursor key to open the side menu. Once you've made your selection, you can paste the modified text by releasing all Alt-V

Here is an example (Custom Made):


This in an example of a custom made macro, you can access this menu by using the right-cursor key when you've selected an item.

But how can I make them?

Included in ixPaste is the macro editor. It can be accessed from the tray menu(You can find it by looking for the ? logo on the top right corner of your screen).

Once in there, you will notice the process is very easy and allows creativity. Here is a screenshot

As you can see, the hashtag macro simply takes the selected item from the pasteboard history, makes it lowercase, and replaces spaces with nothing, effectively removing them. Then it places the item beside a pound sign.

Find & Replace also supports Regular Expressions:

This macro will remove all of the HTML tags found in your selected item. The regex expression "<[^>]>" matches HTML Tags, and then they are replaced with nothing, effectively removing them.

What the hell is regex and how do I use it?


What if I just want to add things around my selected text?


This is another cool feature of macros, if you noticed in the "Macro" field, there is a token "{paste}".

This token will get replaced with the selected/modified text right before it is pasted.

Other Tokens and explanations seen in the app. They can be dragged into the macro field.

Here is an Example of token usage, the example testing tab is used to see an example output of this action.

Yeah but, lets face it "Fawin" or whatever your REAL name is, I don't want to come back to this page every single time I want to do something on ixPaste. Isn't there a better way?


Of course there is! You can always read the instruction guide which is built in to ixPaste. It can be found in the "About" tab on the "Preferences" window.


Also, if you don't want to use Alt-V I completely understand, That's why it is customizable:


Why buy ixPaste rather than the others?

Keep a clipboard history
Bookmark items
Macro Support
Custom Macro Support
Feels like its built into OSX
All free apps

Ready to get ixPaste?  

Okay, well if you feel this way, I'm happy I could effectively explain how useful this application is! BUY NOW


Want more features? I DARE YOU to request something I can't do.

You can request any feature you want by asking at our facebook page: Here